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Who am I?

I'm a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter.

One who believes that shadows are the necessary contrast to enhance the light

One who always tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels

One who cultivates fragility as a tool to go beyond

One who thinks that any image has value only if it sees the light

Short Biography

Photosatriani was born in Potenza (Italy) and is based in the Basque Country since 1995, where he works as a consultant for information technology companies. Giuseppe and photography were found in 1985 and since then they have never been left. Self-taught photographer, manages a blog about photography and visual arts. He has been a coolhunter in Future Concept Lab. Currently is collaborator with Camera Lucida digital magazine; Sineresis magazine and DosViajando blog. Thruster and leader of Emotionage, a collaborative project that combines photography and literature.

Where my images saw the light

13th POLLUX Awards 2019: Honorable Mention for Colored Phantasmagoria series and for Lake of Arboreal Swans single image.

IGPOTY 2019: Commended mention with Hibernation I e Hibernation II; IGPOTY 2017: Highly Commended mention with “Lake of arboreal swans”.

Participation in Tour “Il Gusto per l’Arte” 2017 with “Pesce Volante” and “Musica”; first classified in Premio Arte Novara 2017 with “Pesce Volante”; participation in Atlántica Colectivas FotoNoviembre 2015 with Ikebana; GetxoPhoto 2015 with “Onirico3”; expo-feria VIPHOTO 2014 with Ikebana; Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2014; Atlántica Colectivas FotoNoviembre 2013 with “Orden y Caos”; exhibition in PhotoVernissage (St. Petersburg) 2012 with “Urban Ubiquity”; participation in DeARTE 2012 and 2013 with “Biografía de árboles solitarios” and “La experiencia emocional del silencio”; collective exhibition “Espressioni Italiane” (2009, Athens) and Cheapart (2009, Salonicco); exhibitions in Taberna de los Mundos (2001 y 1996, Bilbao); participation in Photosalon - Biennale Italiana della Fotografia (1995); winner of the portrait section in Gran premio internazionale d’arte di Carrara-Hallstahammer” (1993) A set of his images belongs to the funds of the Tecnalia company of the Basque Country, to the collection of the "Isla de Tenerife" Photography Center and to the EspacioRAW collection in Madrid. Three images have been published in the book Emotionage: micrographs and emotions (Ed. Libros.com-ISBN: 978-84-16881-67-3), two images in the book Lo storico carnevale di Ivrea (Ed. Priuli & Verlucca); The report "Un giorno di Settembre al bagno 124" has been published in the magazine Il Fotografo.

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