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Who am I?

I'm a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter.

Someone who believes that shadows are the necessary contrast to enhance the light

Someone who always tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels

Someone who cultivates fragility as a tool to go beyond

Someone who thinks that any image has value only if it sees the light

I was born in Potenza, a small town in a small but fascinating region (Basilicata) in the South of Italy. Those, were the golden days of the Beatles, the Hippies and the miniskirt. My father was an elementary school teacher and amateur photographer who mostly portrayed his family and pupils, with a Ferrania Elioflex 2. I believe that this was unknowingly the seed that years later sprouted in myself and that was strengthened during the rest of my life.

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Computer Science

Computer science soon tooks a central place in my life and, to give substance to this interest, I went to university in Pisa, about 600km from Potenza, which at that time, meant being able to see my family only at Christmas, Easter. and in summer. In that same period, the seed of photography sprouted, thanks to my great friend Lello, who gave me his "old" camera, a Voigtlander Vitoret and together with him, I went into the fascinating meanders of the dark room, developing and printing slides with the Cibachrome process.

Pentax ME Super

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Although photography entered my life in those years, it remained in the background for a long time. At the time there were other things for me that "stole" my energy and my meager savings ... until I managed to buy the legendary Pentax ME Super.

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At that point I realized that if I wanted to take a leap forward on the photographic topic, I needed to learn from some expert. Those were years full of workshops, photographic weeks, associations, photographic tours and thanks to these social-photographic activities, I met photographers of the caliber of Franco Fontana, Joan Fontcuberta, Larry Fink, Kathleen Carr. From them I learned to correct my eyes, to work on photographic projects, to seize the moment, to include creative techniques but ... but I neglected the basics, accepting what I had learned with the experience in the field ... with time I realized it was a mistake ...


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In the meantime, computer science made me leave Pisa to go to Ivrea, a town at the foot of the Alps, where everything (or almost) was Olivetti. Those were exciting years from a work and social point of view; I developed my second great passion: the writing and I also progressed photographically. I met Luisella d’Alessandro, the then president of the Italian Photography Foundation, which organized the most prestigious Italian photographic exhibition: the International Biennial of Photography in Turin. With her, my photography changed conceptually in a radical way and this allowed me to be selected among the photographers of the Photosaloon section of the 1995 Biennale, dedicated to young photographers. I presented a work that I titled "Presences" using the ICM (Intentionally Camera Movement) technique. In those same years I published a report entitled "Un giorno di settembre al Bagno 124" in the magazine "Il Fotografo", I won the Carrara-Halllstahammar International Art Grand Prize in the photography category, I won the Cittá di Torino literary prize in the poetic collection category with “Paradigms of the soul” in which the critics especially exalted my “ability to render by images”.

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In the midst of this artistic phantasmagoria, computer science got in the way and presented me with a unique opportunity: to be part of the recently opened European Software Institute in the city of Bilbao: almost triple the salary, international context, a designed and funded project by the European Community... it was really difficult to decide, but in the end "the belly" prevailed over the passion. In hindsight, it was a perfect decision, in Bilbao as well as finding an exciting job, which made me travel the world several times and very well paid, I met love, family and perspective .... but ... I had to sacrifice photography ... even if an unexpected opportunity arose: when "socials" still did not have the current weight, the Italian firm of study of market trends Future Concept Lab, taking advantage of my long travel around the world and broadly, he proposed to me to be "coolhunter" for them.

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So, for two years, I had the opportunity to see the different geographical contexts I visited for work with the perspective of a trend hunter to capture the "different", "avant-garde" aspects, both in people and in premises and in customs and costumes. This activity brought me to magazines such as "El Correo" or "El País Semanal"

New Photographic Dimension

But a passion, you know, never dies ... it knows how to wait, encyst itself and, in the shadow of everything else, it knew how to keep itself alive until, after a long time, I met two people who caused the bursting awakening of a volcano that remained asleep for more than ten years.

The first was Pilar Pequeño (Gold Medal en Bellas Artes 2010) who taught me photography hidden in the little everyday things, the delicacy of the gaze and the sagacity necessary to govern the light.

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The second was Juan Pablo De Miguel, multi-award winner, published photographer and professor of photography; with him my photography took a decisive leap forward, thanks to him my photographic language became “professionalized” and I was accepted in the most exclusive international photographic circles. JuanPa continues to be my tutor because thanks to his mastery, generosity, empathy, pragmatism, he continues to be a beacon for navigating the stormy waters of photographic art.

Photosatriani in a snapshot

Gold and Silver Winner in MUSE Award 2023. Highly Commended, Honorable Mentions and Shortlisted in the following international photographic contests: IGPOTY, VIEPA, POLLUX. SIENA CREATIVE

Featured Photographer in ICM Photo Mag and virtual exhibition in Sineresi Art Magazine

Collaborator of the digital photography platform Dodho

Participation in Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña, VIPHOTO, Photosaloon Torino Fotografia

Group Exhibitions:  FotoNoviembre Atlantica Colectiva  San Petersburg Photovernissage Getxophoto Popular Participation  DeArte, Medinaceli  Black Edition, Glasgow  Premio nazionale d’arte, Novara  Taverna de los Mundos

I have been managing and keeping alive a blog dedicated to emotional photography, visual art and visual poetry lived in first person for more than ten years

I am a renowned international consultant for IT process optimization

I fell in love with the creative possibilities that artificial intelligence tools offer if they are put at the service of one's imagination...seeing is believing

I am an experienced tropical aquarist and aquarium architect

Published 2 books derived from the photographic-literary and collective project Emotionage and Fotopoesie and a personal book that merge poetry and photography. In preparation a second personal book titled "Cosmos and Chaos"

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