the book where words and images meet to never leave each other

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Fotopoesie materializes in images and words the story of my emotional experience from when I used the Voigtlander Vitoret and the Pentax ME Super, until digital photography entered my life; from when I started writing poetry until I put my head in order.

The book format (235x165mm) is deliberately intimate because I would like readers to prepare themselves for reading and viewing, comfortably seated in a welcoming and personal environment.

The book contains 20 evocative paintings; each of them is a double page in which the left part is normally dedicated to the poem fragment and the right part to a photographic triptych. These evocative frames are structured in four sections separated by a double white page with a small solitary image; a kind of silent pause before a new emotional immersion.

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The images I included in the book are the ones I took with the Pentax ME Super by using slide films.

I present them as a strip of three slides that I scanned together. In this scanning process, due to an optical effect derived from the same mechanics of the scanner, the slides seem to want to merge together through random strips of color, thus overcoming the black frame of the support that separated them.

This effect found by chance during the exploration phase of the project, I incorporated it as a primary element of the visual part of the book because it somehow represents the fluidity of time that passes and how this mixes memories and nostalgic evocations.

The book has been carefully created to showcase my love for photography and poetry

56 printed pages

Symbol Tatami White 135 g

Hard cover in Freelife Vellum 140g with title in relief


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