Feeling apart together

LONELINESS is the negative solitude; the unwanted, the one that break us down. But in English there is another expression related to loneliness that relentlessly depicts the worst loneliness possible: “feeling apart together”. I believe that there is no worse loneliness than can be perceived by being together with other people or, even worse, when it is perceived by being with your partner or your family.

SOLITUDE is the positive loneliness. I want to claim and vindicate the value of solitude, of pause, of silence, of thought. More and more I think become more necessary slices of silence; the ability to listen; find interior spaces for the silence to widen; live in the most absolute abstraction of time.

I invite you to enter in each image and feel the emotional experience of loneliness/solitude, to understand if in your case is a bright chance to feel good or conversely, a dark time of sadness.

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